St. Teresa of Avila, E. Allison Peers's The Way of Perfection PDF

By St. Teresa of Avila, E. Allison Peers

This vintage of the internal existence and Christian mysticism is still as clean and encouraging this present day because it used to be four hundred years in the past. Written by way of a favourite sixteenth-century Spanish mystic and Carmelite nun, it varieties a pragmatic consultant to prayer that embraces readers with its heat and accessibility.
St. Teresa of Avila's special instructions at the fulfillment of religious perfection designate 3 necessities — fraternal love, detachment from fabric issues, and actual humility. She discusses numerous maxims concerning the perform of prayer and concludes with a thought-provoking observation at the Lord's Prayer. a piece of elegant mystical attractiveness, The method of Perfection is particularly a treatise of utter simplicity that gives lucid guide to all seekers of a extra significant method of life.

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APPENDIX TO CHAPTER 4 The following variant reading of the Escorial Manuscript seems too important to be relegated to a footnote. It occurs the twelfth paragraph of ch. 4 (cf. n. 24) , and deals, as will be seen, with the qualifications and character of the confessor. Many editors substitute it in their text for the corresponding passage in V. As will be seen, however, it is not a pure addition; we therefore reproduce it separately. The important thing is that these two kinds of mutual love should be untainted by any sort of passion, for such a thing would completely spoil this harmony.

Although the weakness of our nature may at first allow us to feel something of all this, our reason soon begins to reflect whether our friend's trials are not good for her, and to wonder if they are making her richer in virtue and how she is bearing them, and then we shall ask God to give her patience so that they may win her merit. If we see that she is being patient, we feel no distress -- indeed, we are gladdened and consoled. If all the merit and gain which suffering is capable of producing could be made over to her, we should still prefer suffering her trial ourselves to seeing her suffer it, but we are not worried or disquieted.

This may seem a poor kind of help but it will have the effect of greatly fortifying the soul. With regard to small things, we must be very careful, as soon as we begin to grow fond of them, to withdraw our thoughts from them and turn them to God. His Majesty will help us to do this. He has granted us the great favour of providing that, in this house, most of it is done already; but it remains for us to become detached from our own selves and it is a hard thing to withdraw from ourselves and oppose ourselves, because we are very close to ourselves and love ourselves very dearly.

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