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By Raniero Cantalamessa OFM Cap

This was once a present to my husband, a catholic everlasting deacon, who acknowledged it was once first-class and thanked me for purchasing it.

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17 This might be true, for instance, of the gods’ names, or of the original use of terms. 18 The English ‘r’ could be taken to suggest motion since it is found in so many words such as ‘tremor,’ ‘tremble,’ ‘strike’ and so forth, while ‘l’ slips so easily off the tongue that it might suggest smoothness, as in words such as ‘level’ or ‘sleek’. 19 17 For an example of Socratic mockery, note his argument, first in support of Heraclitus that all words for the good contain movement, and then the reverse that they denote rest: Cratylus 411–14.

The word mystery is also derived from Greek, but with a quite different thrust. It was used originally of initiatory cults in ancient religions where something was disclosed but still in a way that induced awe and demanded secrecy. Eventually musterion came also to be the word used for the Christian sacraments, and nowhere can that tension between knowledge and mystery in the modern sense be seen more clearly. While some theologians continued to speak of mysteries that defied complete human comprehension, others sought for precise definition and explanation.

Indeed, sometimes it seems that it is really the music that is more effective in encouraging and deepening a relationship with God. Finally, in Chapter 4 two apparently disparate aspects of worship are brought together, the continuing reality of preaching and the now lost tradition of illuminated manuscripts. What I want to suggest here is that preaching functions at its best imaginatively through the re-creation of biblical scenes and the bringing alive of its metaphors, and so in a manner not dissimilar from the illuminated manuscript.

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