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By Richard Hartley

A easy challenge in machine imaginative and prescient is to appreciate the constitution of a true international scene. This ebook covers appropriate geometric rules and the way to symbolize gadgets algebraically to allow them to be computed and utilized. fresh significant advancements within the concept and perform of scene reconstruction are defined intimately in a unified framework. Richard Hartley and Andrew Zisserman supply accomplished heritage fabric and clarify tips to observe the tools and enforce the algorithms.

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The algorithm given here is an outline only, and each part of it is examined in detail in this book. The algorithm should not be implemented directly from this brief description. 4 Three-view geometry In the last section it was discussed how reconstruction of a set of points, and the relative placement of the cameras, is possible from two views of a set of points. The reconstruction is possible only up to a projective transformation of space, and the corresponding adjustment to the camera matrices.

Projective ambiguity: Reconstructions of a mug (shown with the true shape in the centre) under 3D projective transformations in the Z direction. Five examples of the cup with different degrees of projective distortion are shown. The shapes are quite different from the original. (i) Compute the camera matrices of the three views P, P', P" from other point correspondences X, <-> X^ <-> x". (ii) Triangulate the 3D point X from x and x' using P and P'. (iii) Project the 3D point into the third view as x" = P"x.

As the line's direction varies the ideal point (6, —a, 0) T varies over l^. For these reasons the line at infinity can be thought of as the set of directions of lines in the plane. Note how the introduction of the concept of points at infinity serves to simplify the intersection properties of points and lines. 2 The 2D projective plane kx2 Fig. 1. A model of the projective plane. Points and lines ofW2 are represented by rays and planes, respectively, through the origin in ]R3. Lines lying in the X\X2-plane represent ideal points, and the X\X2-plane represents 1^.

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