New PDF release: JavaFX™ Special Effects: Taking Java™ RIA to the Extreme

By Lucas Jordan

Enough approximately studying the basics of the fascinating JavaFX platform; it truly is now time to begin imposing visually attractive and dynamic Java-based wealthy web functions (RIAs) on your computing device or cellular entrance finish. This booklet will convey you what the JavaFX platform can fairly do for Java computer and cellular entrance ends. It offers a couple of first-class visible results and methods that may make any JavaFX software stand out—whether it really is animation, multimedia, or a online game. The suggestions proven during this e-book are precious for competing in contemporary marketplace, and they will support set your RIAs except your competitor's.

  • Create visible results that practice good.
  • Add sophisticated animations to deliver any software to lifestyles.
  • Use the graphical strength of the JavaFX platform.

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ADD. This causes the pixels with the greatest amount of overlap to be completely white, as in the center of the cluster of nodes in Figure 2-6. Where there is no overlap the pixels are the normal orange color. Combining the red, green, and blue values of each pixel produces the white color. If the nodes were completely red, this blend mode would not do anything. 38 CHAPTER 2 ■ EFFECT: PARTICLE SYSTEMS Figure 2-6. Example 4, Add Blend Mode The code in Listing 2-8 shows how the classes have been modified to enable the blend effects.

Lastly, I briefly touched on a number of open source tools that can be helpful for creating a graphics-rich application. 21 CHAPTER 2 ■■■ Effect: Particle Systems Particle systems are used in many video games and other animations. A particle system is a general term for any visual effect that uses a large number of small, simple, animated nodes to create a larger, complex effect. This technique produces animations that are hard to reproduce using a single vector, raster image, or other method. Examples of particle systems include fire, magic spells, sparks, and moving water.

The diagram in Figure 2-4 shows these relationships. 34 CHAPTER 2 ■ EFFECT: PARTICLE SYSTEMS Figure 2-4. Calculating a random direction ■ Performance Consideration The number of particles can grow very quickly in a scene, and while particle systems are easy ways to spiff up an application, too many particles will bring any computer to its knees. Example 3: Transparency The previous examples used very simple particles, just red circles. Now that the framework for a particle system is in place, it is time to start customizing the particles to produce some remarkable effects.

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