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4. Benjamin Kidd and the C mztrol of the Tropics Benjamin Kidd (1858-1916) was not a natural scientist, but rather a writer who sought to apply the teachings of "science" to men's affairs. Professionally, he was a minor civil servant until 1894, when the enormous succes~ of his book Social Evolution allowed him to resign and devote himself to writing.

With the exception of a few Chinese literati, the different nations of the Mongoles are universally addicted to Buddism, or the religion of Fo. The origin of this great race appears to have been in the mountains of Atlai, but it is impossible to trace the filiation of its different branches with the same certainty as we have done those of the Caucasian. The history of these wandering nations is as fugitive as their establishments, and that of the Chinese, confined exclusively to their own empire, gives us nothing satisfactory with respect to GEORGES CUVIER AND THE VARIETIES OF MANKIND 11 their neighbours.

I think I have seen one of the nasal bones so short and thin as not to reach the frontal. In the Peruvian skull, at twelve years of age, Von T chudi thinks he has detected a new germ of bone, an interparietal bone, in fact, peculiar to the native American race; the physical differences in the structure of the Boschjiee women and Hottentots are unmistakeable. Still be it remembered that we have no accurate account of the structural differences of the races of men on which we can depend-mere scraps of observations scarcely worthy of notice.

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