Howl from the North (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Greyhawk - download pdf or read online

By Dale (Slade) Henson

3 of the mythical Blades of Corusk were unearthed, and their powers have confirmed to be all that the stories claimed. Youu were given those to take advantage of within the quest for the remainder blades. besides the fact that, observe has unfold to the peoples of the neighboring components, and teams are operating opposed to you to avoid your securing those swords. pay attention the carry of the Stonefist and the Rovers of the Barren! merely quite a bit time continues to be that you should find the final Blades of Corusk... and your enemies are at the horizon. locate the blades, and reclaim your birthright of honor and appreciate; fail, and be outcast out of your tribes for all times. the alternative is yours.

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Do not fail us! ” other nations, we are not positive of our enemy. “I have been sent to ask you to make haste in recovering the Blades of Corusk before it is too late. ” The woman listens to the news that the PCs give, writing it all down on scrolled paper with a quick hand. ” She turns the horse around and kicks it into a run. If the characters ask what the trinity is, she replies, “The Trinity is a new council that leads all three barbarian lands. The ruler of each land has a seat in the council.

The screaming attracts all the guards in the building. If someone approaches the swords, 30 additional 3rdlevel warriors arrive within ld4 rounds. Warriors: Int Very to Highly (11-14);AL LN, CN; AC 6; MV 12; HD F3; THACO 18; hp 20; #AT 1; Dmg ld8; SZ M (6’tall); ML Average (8-10);XP 120 each Once past the magic mouth spell, a glyph of warding lies waiting to shock a character for 10d4 points of electrical damage, if the character attempts to grab a sword. The glyph is the last layer of defense against theft of the swords.

He dedicated (blessed)the sword in the name of Iuz the Old. Dreamsinger is now a holy symbol of the Tiger Nomads. The chieftain of this loosely banded group, after experiencing the dreams it invokes, demanded a new religion based upon the obviously divine visions it creates. If the characters steal the sword, the Tiger Nomads will call for a holy quest to destroy them. The Tigers are relentless and heartless in their crusade. Stalker teleports south and west to the Sea of Dust. Hidden in the shrine of a longforgotten goddess, Stalker ends its journey 200 miles south of the Forgotten City.

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