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By Christopher Marlowe

This version is written in English. although, there's a operating Spanish glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of Dr. Faustus. This variation will be valuable when you could li

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C. OF LOR. My lord, it may be some ghost, newly crept out of Purgatory, come to beg a pardon of your Holiness. POPE. --Once again, my lord, fall to. ] FAUSTUS. What, are you crossing of yourself? Well, use that trick no more, I would advise you. ] Well, there's the second time. Aware the third; I give you fair warning. ] Come on, Mephistophilis; what shall we do? MEPHISTOPHILIS. Nay, I know not: we shall be cursed with bell, book, and candle. Spanish advise: aconsejar, aconsejan, aconsejen, aconsejas, aconsejo, aconsejamos, aconsejáis, aconsejad, aconseja, aconseje, anunciar.

I'll tell you what I mean. -[Reads] Polypragmos Belseborams framanto pacostiphos tostu, Mephistophilis, &c. [Enter MEPHISTOPHILIS, sets squibs at their backs, and then exit. ] VINTNER. O, nomine Domini! what meanest thou, Robin? thou hast no goblet. RALPH. --Here's thy goblet, good Vintner. ] ROBIN. Misericordia pro nobis! what shall I do? Good devil, forgive me now, and I'll never rob thy library more. ] MEPHISTOPHILIS. Monarch of Hell, under whose black survey Great potentates do kneel with awful fear, Upon whose altars thousand souls do lie, How am I vexed with these villains' charms?

Sing: cantar, cantan, cantas, canten, cantamos, cantáis, canta, cantad, canto, cante. stole: estola. struck: pret y pp de strike, golpeado. 44 Dr. Faustus And%in their conference of what befell, Touching his journey through the world and air, They put forth questions of astrology, Which Faustus answer'd with such learned skill As they admir'd and wonder'd at his wit. Now is his fame spread forth in every land: Amongst the rest the Emperor is one, Carolus the Fifth, at whose palace now Faustus is feasted 'mongst his noblemen.

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