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During the 1990s, there was a complete correspondence between major sourcezone or transit-zone events and United States price index increases above the price floor: every major operation was followed by a price increase and long periods without major sourcezone or transit-zone operations had no price increases above the floor. The autoregressive integrated moving average time series analysis used in the research verified the strong statistical correlation between sourcezone and transit-zone operations and movements in the United States price index [ll].

Therefore, additional counter-cocaine dollars spent to deter sourcezone farmers or major drug trafficker organizations should cause more damage to the entire distribution system than comparable investments at other steps. Even without causing strate gic collapse, increasing the source-zone trafficker costs relative to their low prices should drive up street prices by a comparable percentage, thereby pricing many users out of the market. 20 for each trafficking step. 5 is the farmers' costs. 2. 6.

Most importantly, data features exhibited by appropriately aggregated STRIDE statistics are remarkably robust: they are insensitive to data perturbations, internally consistent across natural partitions of the data, strongly correlated with external data sets portraying market conditions and logically compatible with the incidence and timing of specific countercocaine operations [4, 5, 10-151. The end of the cocaine epidemic and business-level adjustments in Peru Cocaine abuse began in the United States as an epidemic wave in the late 1970s, crested in the mid-1980s, receded rapidly in the late 1980s and ebbed gradually thereafter.

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