Brain Candy: Science, Paradoxes, Puzzles, Logic, and Illogic - download pdf or read online

By Garth Sundem

Feed Your Brain

Tastier than a twizzler but extra protein-packed
than a spinach smoothie, mind sweet is bound to entertain your
brain—even because it finds thousands of secrets and techniques at the back of what’s riding that electrical
noodle inside of your cranium.

These scrumptious and nutritious pages are
packed with bits of bite-sized goodness swiped from the bleeding fringe of mind
science (including explanation why examining those phrases is altering your
hippocampus at this very moment!) Shelved along those succulent
neurological nuggets are hard puzzles and paradoxes, eye-opening
perception assessments and hacks, fiendish character quizzes and genius testers, and
a seize bag of routine treats together with Eye Hacks, Algebraic 8 Ball,
iDread, Wild country, and common sense of Illogic.

Should you glance among those covers and inhale the deliciously cherry-flavored scents of data
within, you are going to develop your gray subject whereas gaining knowledge of:

• Why you have to be writing undesirable poetry
• the easy keys to mind training
• What belief smells like
• The origins of human morality
• Why dear wine consistently tastes better
• the reality approximately mind sweat
• How your nutrition could be making you dumb
• The secrets and techniques of online game theory
• Why economists hate psychology
• The psychological merits of espresso and cigarettes
• the best way to particularly spot a liar
• Why you can’t make me devour pie
• some great benefits of having a pipe dream
• 4 easy secrets and techniques to persuasion
• Why your barin’s fzzuy ligoc alowls you to raed this
• the right way to brainwash acquaintances and family
• The technological know-how of physique language
• What pigeons learn about art

…And a lot, even more.

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Extra resources for Brain Candy: Science, Paradoxes, Puzzles, Logic, and Illogic to Nourish Your Neurons

Example text

Even for the patterns of stimulation that easily give rise to multiple perceptual organizations, such as the Necker cube, the type and number of such possible perceptual organizations are restricted and partially dictated by the nature of the pattern of stimulation itself. , having physiologi­ cally sound nervous and sensory systems) perceivers. I wish to emphasize here that the very vast majority of stimulus patterns that we perceive ordinarily do give rise to one and only one stable percept and that the percept is largely determined and restricted by the stimulus pattern.

The red-red outcome was the most frequently occurring. Their experiments allowed them to conclude that the player tries to maximize the difference in gain between himself and the other player rather than trying to maximize his individual gain. In other words, he tends to play the 21 G a m e s and Conflict Player Y Black Red Player Y Black Red \ . 3 \ ^ 0 \ 9 \. \^ -10 -io\ Player X Player X Red 9 Black Black \. ^ 5 \. Fig. 1-1 \ 1 1 \ Red 10 \ ^ -9 \ ^ Fig. 1-2 game competitively, even though the instructions to the players do not urge a competitive orientation but rather imply an individualistic approach (to maximize one's own gain).

Shape as a f unction of the vector field. ) 1939, 52, 31-45. With Fig. 2-2 Perceptual Organization 29 can give rise to more than one percept, as with reversible patterns such as the Necker cube (Fig. 2-2). H o w does a physical object give rise to a percept? W e are obviously not in direct contact with the object per se, but only with the light energy that is reflected from that object. The object is at a distance from us; it is reflected light energy that impinges upon the receptor cells of the retina, setting off nerve impulses.

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