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It s origi n an d rol e durin g man y pathologica l condition s wer e elucidate d by thi s investigator . Ther e is a lon g lis t of dispute s in th e literatur e wit h regar d t o th e embryoni c origi n of th e glia l cell s an d of th e tumor s whic h presumabl y originat e fro m thes e cell s or thei r precursor s (Baile y an d Cushing , 1926 ; Li u an d Bailey , 1981 ; Russel l an d Rubinstein , 1971 ; Zulch , 1965) . It is difficul t t o decid e fro m pur e cytologica l studie s whethe r bot h astrocyte s an d oligodendrocyte s aris e fro m commo n or separat e ste m cells .

EMBRYOLOGICA DEVELOPMEN T Sectio n fro m th e axillar y regio n o f a n 8-day-ol d chic k embry o t o sho w th e interrelatio n 48 Fig . 22 . o f tw o larg e nerv e trunks L . Th e uppe r on e is closel y relate d t o a larg e bloo d vesse l whic h lie s under - neat h th e nerve . Paraffi n section . Ç & Å stain . X 500 . vou s syste m an d t o gai n insigh t int o th e basi c mechanism s responsibl e for axon gli a interactio n an d thei r growt h behavior . Th e concep t of chemotropis m a s th e guidin g principl e of neura l organizatio n was firs t propose d b y Ramo n y Caja l befor e th e tur n of th e century .

HISTOGENESI S O F TH E CENTRA L NERVOU S SYSTE M 27 Th e morphologica l criteri a mentione d abov e doe s no t appl y t o feta l an d neonata l huma n brain s becaus e typica l oligodendrocyte s ar e fe w in th e un myelinate d whit e matte r of th e centru m semioval e wher e cell s wit h smal l roun d or elongate d nucle i ar e th e dominan t types . Ther e is a goo d numbe r of matur e astrocyte s in th e gra y an d whit e matter s of lat e feta l an d earl y neonata l huma n brains . Th e smal l immatur e glia l cell s (calle d glioblas t or spongioblast ) diminis h in numbe r postnatall y a s mor e matur e astrocyte s an d oligodendrocyte s appea r in th e brain .

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