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By Stanislav Grof

Discover a really superb diversity of pursuits, philosophies, religions, and cultures -- from alchemy to angels, Buddhism to Hinduism, fantasy to magic. the celebrated authors convey a wealth of data, visionary pondering, and available writing to every fascinating topic in those lavishly illustrated, large-format paperback books.

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Cribed and depicted in countless vase, Southern Campeche or These were the Chihuateteo, visions of the otherworld, have their Northern Peten, Late Classical women who died in childbirth and counterparts in the experiences of Period, 600-900, from Coe, The as goddesses lay in wait for children the dying and those undergoing Maya Scribe and His World , 1973; at crossroads to devour them. symbolic encounters with death. ) Numerous accounts by individuals monster who eats the hearts of the who have died and then been unjust.

From the Divine Comedy. ) damned cry out for aid, or clutch The skeletal parts of the body that outlast the flesh are a powerful reminder of death and symbol of the life beyond. In the Tibetan tantric tradition, death in its dancing form is rep­ resented by Citipati: an aspect of Yama, Lord of Death, joined in the yabyam position of sexual union with his female counterpart. An applique of the Cuna Indians of Panama shows a group of skeletons engaged in a lively dance. Though they are symbols of death, they are not terrifying; their basic friendliness is indicated by the little hearts inside their rib cages.

65 The cycles of death and rebirth Individuals who transcend the bound­ aries of ordinary reality and embark on the spiritual journey, typically ex­ perience a dramatic change in their concepts of the dimensions of existence. Sometimes they continue to see life as linear, though with an expanded vision of an entire chain of consecutive incarnations instead of the single individual lifespan reaching from conception to biological death. More frequently, the newly revealed fabric of existence consists of cyclical patterns that either return into themselves or follow a helical course.

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