New PDF release: Betrayal (DragonLance: The Dhamon Saga, Volume II)

By Jean Rabe

How a lot is an act of betrayal worth?

Worth the cost of a soul?

Dhamon Grimwulf and his band of mercenaries greedily eye a long-forgotten treasure hid underneath a grassy undeniable. Legends promise riches too various to count number, wealth too grand to be believed. yet in a moving global of secrets and techniques and deception, such fortune comes at a excessive fee, larger even than the searing suffering Dhamon suffers lower than the curse of a dragon's scale.

High sufficient to price Dhamon his life.

The paperback model of the sequel to Downfall, the 1st ebook of the Dhamon Saga. Betrayal maintains the adventures of characters featured in the united states Today bestselling Dragons of a brand new Age trilogy.

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Weeks ago Fiona had sought out Dhamon Grimwulf, despite knowing that the once honorable hero had fallen in with thieves and worse. She needed to raise a ransom to free her brother from Sable’s clutches, and she hit upon Dhamon as the possible means to do so. After all, the Solamnic Council had refused to help. Dhamon had involved her in a certain errand for Donnag, the ogre-chieftain of Blöde. The errand, which involved killing some trolls in the mountains, yielded a chest full of coins and gems for her to use as a ransom.

Suddenly the mariner tensed. He gently squeezed Fiona’s hand. ” she asked. ” “Maldred? ” He shook his head, then realized she couldn’t even see him. “I don’t think so. Doesn’t sound like boots. ” His voice was so soft she had to strain to catch it. “I think…” He dropped her hand and took a few steps away from her, drew his sword and swung hard in a wide arc, the blade whistling in the air and glancing off… something. Wood? A tree? The mariner desperately needed to see! There was more rustling, to the side this time, followed by a snarl that trailed off into a loud hiss.

It was a woman, in black robes, features too small to tell much else about her. “The Sage of the Plains,” he announced. The image nodded to him, then disappeared. The map shimmered. They stared at it silently for several moments. Dhamon finally spoke. “So this sage who you think can cure ills, and who you think might have lived through all these centuries, do you think she can…” he searched for the words. ” A moment later he drew his lips into a thin line, his eyes still fixed on the wavering image of the tower.

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