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By Artur Ekert, Patrick Hayden and Hitoshi Inamori.

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The RECOMB satellite tv for pc meetings on structures Biology and Computational Proteomics have been held December 1–3, 2006, at l. a. Jolla, California. The platforms Biology assembly introduced researchers jointly on quite a few features of structures biology, together with integration of genome-wide microarray, proteomic, and metabolomic information, inference and comparability of organic networks, and version trying out via layout of experiments.

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If δ(n) = 1 − A exp(−αn), where A and α are positive constants, then the randomised algorithm cannot technically be regarded as efficient any more regardless of how weak the coupling to the environment may be. Unfortunately, the computer-environment interaction leads to just such an unwelcome exponential increase of the error rate with the input size. To see this consider a register of size n and assume that each qubit decoheres separately, | x | M = | xn−1 . . x1 x0 | m . . | m | m → | xn−1 .

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