Download PDF by Vito Giannini, Jan Craninckx, Andrea Baschirotto: Baseband Analog Circuits for Software Defined Radio (Analog

By Vito Giannini, Jan Craninckx, Andrea Baschirotto

This is the 1st e-book to explain many of the concerns desirous about the transition from a unmarried average to a software program Radio established instant terminal. The booklet is either a know-how instructional for newcomers in addition to a place to begin for technical execs within the conversation and IC layout who're impending the layout of a software program outlined Radio. an entire evaluate of the particular state-of-art for reconfigurable transceivers is given in detail.

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3 Baseband power consumption estimation In order to have an instant feedback on the power consumption of the baseband section according to different level of filter selectivity and ADC dynamic range, we exploited the two typical figure of merits for filters and ADC. 18) where Ppole is the power dissipation per pole in an all-pole low-pass filter. 02 where SNDR is the Signal to Noise and Distortion ratio of the ADC. 21) where the power of the AGC and the digital filtering are omitted for simplicity. 6 shows some trade-offs between filter order and sampling frequency for different standard.

Assuming the resolution of our ADC is nb = 14 bits and FS = 1 dBm, the quantization noise σQ is −85 dBm. For acceptable BER, the GSM standard requires 9 dB of SNRmin . 1 dB loss, the margin below F is set to be 16 dB. This yields to a maximum gain Amax = 42 dB. For large inputs, if the margin below FS is set to be 6 dB, Amin = 10 dB. 5. The upper end of the Dynamic Range (DR) is defined as the maximum input level in a two-tone test for which the third-order Inter-Modulation (IM) products do not exceed the noise floor.

By increasing the order and therefore the power consumption of the analog LPF, the sample rate, the resolution, and therefore the power dissipation of the ADC, can all be decreased and vice versa. The Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA) provides programmable gain so that the signal processed by the baseband circuits appears to be at a constant level at the input of the ADC regardless of the actual signal power received at the antenna. 5. The gain range to be covered depends on the minimum and maximum signal that can be received for a certain wireless standard.

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