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By Pierre F. Limouzy

This French realist novel contrasts the social growth of an impoverished yet formidable aristocrat with the story of a father, whose obsessive love for his daughters ends up in his own and fiscal damage. This concise complement to Honore De Balzac's Pere Goriot is helping scholars comprehend the final constitution of the paintings, activities and motivations of the characters, and the social and cultural views of the writer.

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Michonneau, Gobseck the usurer, Sylvie, and Christophe. Balzac's realism is also apparent in the minute descriptions he gives us, in the way he makes his characters express themselves according to their background (for example, Christophe and Sylvie, Mme. Vauquer, the Duchess de Langeais). Naturalism But Balzac goes beyond realism. He assesses each human being, classifying him as an entomologist or a zoologist would, comparing each one of his characters in the book with an animal of some kind. He tries to show us that man is predetermined not so much by his psychological makeup but rather by his environment, his social milieu.

He tries to show us that man is predetermined not so much by his psychological makeup but rather by his environment, his social milieu. This scientific or pseudo-scientific approach to human reality constitutes the naturalistic elements in the novel. Subjectivism Although Balzac has taken so much care to present his characters objectively, in an objective situation, the novel is filled with subjectivity. We read lengthy dissertations and short remarks which obviously expound Balzac's ideas and not those of the characters (even in the pathetic delirium of Père Goriot, we can feel Balzac's interference).

17. What is the role of society in the novel? 18. Show how Goriot's abnormal passion had destroyed his sense of values. 19. Point out and discuss the naturalistic elements in the novel. 20. What traits make Eugene a sympathetic character? 21. Evaluate the role of money in the novel. 22. What do the melodramatic elements add to the novel? 23. Discuss Balzac's realistic treatment in Père Goriot. 24. What are the unifying elements in the novel? 25. Compare Père Goriot and King Lear. com SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY A wealth of material has been published on Balzac which appears in William H.

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