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By Mr. Robert Sheaffer

What explains the human fascination with UFOs? the 1st mentioned sighting of what was once then known as "flying saucers" was once through deepest pilot Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947. inside of a couple of weeks, a whole "wave" of saucer sightings swept around the united states, and shortly the world over. And inside of many years this had increased to provide us flying saucers crashes, the lads In Black, unidentified flying object bases, army and intelligence service provider conspiracies, NASA conspiracies, alien abductions, crop circles, alien autopsies, alien-human hybrids, livestock mutilations, and the record simply keeps to develop.

Do the "saucers" (later renamed "UFOs") symbolize viewers from another planet, or in all probability even whatever weirder? How have they refrained from unambiguous detection for roughly seventy years? is that this as the tools of technology can't catch them? Or do reviews of UFOs have a lot in universal with studies of ghosts, witches, Bigfoot, and different creatures which are generally mentioned and extensively believed, yet exist basically within the imaginations of these who pursue them?

Bad UFOs discusses probably the most recognized and debatable alien craft situations of all time, from a rational and medical point of view:

· the Betty and Barney Hill ‘UFO abduction’ account
· the Phoenix lighting
· the Roswell ‘UFO crash,’ and the hot ‘Roswell Slides’
· the meant ‘UFO touchdown’ in Rendlesham woodland
· Travis Walton’s ‘UFO abduction’ declare
· UFOs obvious utilizing evening imaginative and prescient gear
· Steven Greer’s Disclosure venture, and ET touch Protocols

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Some described it as a huge, solid V-shaped object that blocked out the stars as it passed over. Others described it as five unconnected lights. However, the only video in existence of the first incident, is that of Terry Proctor, and in its 43-second length clearly shows the motion of the objects with respect to each other. In other words, despite some observers’ impressions, what flew over was not a single solid object, but five unconnected lights flying in formation. As the lights passed over the Phoenix area they were seen by hundreds of people.

Air Force was queried about both incidents, their (correct) initial response was that they knew nothing about them. Both UFO incidents that night involved aircraft of Operation Snowbird, and the Air National Guard has a completely separate command structure from the Air Force. Each seems to know surprisingly little about the other! Unfortunately, by the time that all of this was pieced together, all records of routine flight operations had been destroyed. But there is very little room for doubt that the famous “V-shaped formation” of lights was five Air National Guard A-10 aircraft flying into Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.

In 1997 Martin Kottmeyer suggested that Arnold saw a flock of swans, which in 1999 UFO researcher James Easton modified to a formation of American White Pelicans, the largest birds in North America. This makes a lot of sense, as Arnold says he initially thought he was seeing a flock of geese. He also once compared the objects to a flock of blackbirds. ' The boomerang-shaped objects he drew actually looked quite bird-like. But many UFOlogists ridiculed this suggestion, and even coined the new pejorative label “Pelicanist,” meaning one who crafts impossible explanations for UFO sightings.

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