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By R. Albert Mohler Jr.

A top Christian highbrow explores the latest pressure of atheism, its greatest thinkers, the cultural stipulations that experience bred it, and the way Christians may still respond.

Something has replaced in American tradition. What for years was once a little-regarded trust system-atheism-has now received a wide, and extending, nationwide listening to throughout the writings of "new atheists" equivalent to Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens.

Wanting to either tell and equip serious-minded Christians concerning this cultural shift, R. Albert Mohler Jr. explores the surroundings that has bred the "new atheism" whereas additionally introducing readers to the movement's 4 prime thinkers and the contours in their arguments. Mohler-deemed "the reigning highbrow of the evangelical circulate within the US" through Time magazine-then makes use of this origin to pinpoint 8 significant distinctives that make the recent atheism new, and to debate the way forward for Christianity in courting to it.

At tuition and locally, Christians are absolute to stumble upon those who were formed by way of this pressure of atheism. here's willing perception that any believer can use to appreciate and problem the recent atheists.

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54 The Assault on Theism Dennett’s important distinction between belief in God and belief in belief, all four of these writers hope it might be possible to convince some persons who believe in belief that they instead should see belief in God as dangerous, and thus reverse their public posture. There is a new boldness, a direct attack on what they see as the pretensions of theism. Second, there is a clear and specific rejection of the Christian God of the Bible. Twentieth-century atheists generally addressed themselves to the philosophical idea of a supernatural being or to the evil of a God who does not prevent moral evil.

In India, for example, there is continuing strife between Hindu believers and Muslim believers. Any kind of restrictivist or exclusivist truth claim, Dawkins says, will have this problem. And of course Jesus is no better, according to the New Atheists. His language in the Gospels is just as exclusivistic as the language of Israel in the Old Testament. Jesus speaks of his people in distinction to 27Hitchens, 28Dawkins, God Is Not Great, 109–22. The God Delusion, 293. 57 atheism G : B > M other people, of those who believe in him in contrast to those who do not.

Not only that, but in the book of Matthew, Jesus takes responsibility for the entire Old Testament—“not an iota, not a dot, will pass,” he says (Matt. 5:18). He is not, as some Protestant liberals would have it, a new face of God, or a way for God to repair a bad reputation. No, Jesus is to be rejected just as forcefully as the vengeful God of the Old Testament. 28 In other words, Dawkins argues that religion poses a social danger because it creates an “in” group and an “out” group, which is the very definition of exclusivism.

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