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By Matthieu Ricard

At any place he is going, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard is requested to give an explanation for what meditation is, the way it is completed and what it may well in achieving. during this authoritative and encouraging e-book, he units out to respond to those questions. Matthieu Ricard indicates that working towards meditation can swap our realizing of ourselves and the area round us. He talks us via its idea, spirituality and useful elements of deep contemplation and illustrates each one degree of his instructing with examples. via his event as a monk, his shut analyzing of sacred texts and his deep wisdom of the Buddhist masters, Matthieu Ricard unearths the numerous advantages that meditation - in line with selfless love and compassion - can deliver to every people.

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The difference between one state and another can more readily be seen from a physiological level. Neurologists have shown that the pains and pleasures we experience in each state are just the play of the brain chemistry, so how can we say which level of experience is reality? It is difficult to know, for example, whether waking or dreaming is the real experience, and whether this conscious reality is what we are or if the subconscious and unconscious are the real states of existence from which all the other states manifest.

It moves, it moves not Particle physics explains how the atoms of every object interconnect with the particles of the surrounding environment. Thus every manifestation in creation forms part of a never-ending field or matrix of particles. The atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, photons comprising our bodies, the clothes we wear, the ground on which we walk and the air we breathe are all arranged in different densities, combinations and vibrations, but at a certain point these atoms all interact and interlink.

At the macrocosmic level, maha prana ranges from gross and tangible to subtle and intangible. Similarly, in the body, microcosmic prana is polarized into ida and pingala, and these are symbolized by the terms negative and positive. These terms are purely descriptive and should not be confused with positive and negative ions or with positive and negative states of mind. For example, the overall effect of negative ions in the body is said to be 'positive', whereas the positive symbolism of pingala refers to the physical level of activation, and the negative symbolism of ida refers to the mental level.

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