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By Frederick E. Crowe

First released in 1989, Appropriating the Lonergan proposal is an exploration and growth of Bernard Lonergan's specified achievements as a theologian and thinker by way of the world's most popular professional on his writings, Frederick E. Crowe.Comprising twenty-two essays, this quantity is split into distinctive elements. The 9 essays that represent the 1st a part of the ebook are enthusiastic about Crowe's research of the which means and background of Lonergan's personal writings. the remainder 13 papers quandary Crowe's enlargement of Lonergan's claims by way of inventively constructing and making use of them to his personal scholarly endeavours. a large choice of themes is explored during this assortment, from Lonergan's early educational occupation and the evolution of his inspiration of God, to the dynamic of ecclesial studying and the missions of the Trinity. known as by means of one critic 'a fabulous monument to its author's knowledge, humanity, scholarship and reliable sense,' this vintage paintings offers sharp insights into the paintings of a profound thinker and theologian.

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If it is correct that the goal of studying St. Thomas is to reach his mind, then, although there is no doubt a way back to that mind from its metaphysical products, it is far more direct to study the very activity of that mind itself in its unfolding. That is, we may begin with the objective world of Thomist thought, organized in grades of being, distinguished into act and potency, and so on; but if there are data in the writings of St. 14 Moreover, the oscillating process described above between the minds of disciple and master would be greatly expedited by such an entry, for, instead of pivoting between a world of Medieval physics and twentieth-century science, the disciple would pivot between operating mind and operating mind; and here, despite the difference of development, the basic laws of operation would seem to be discoverable in approximately the same terms.

Lonergan's approach was, first, going beyond the words and milieu to attempt to reach the mind of Aquinas by a pivoting movement between his own developing rational self-consciousness and that of his master, and then on the basis of that appropriation to develop Thomism in the manner required by seven centuries of thought. 16. "Just how Aquinas reasoned out his concept of a stone, I cannot say; but in the second book of the Contra gentiles there is the magnificent reasoning out of the concept of the human soul; it runs through no less than forty-five chapters; and that long argument provides an excellent example of what exactly Aquinas meant by knowledge of essence" (Verbum, pp.

4, n. i, for some references. But, by Prof. Johann's account, the trend must differ enough from Fr. Lonergan's approach; the latter would not speak of an experience of being, and his views on objectivity are quite different. 14. For an illuminating comparison of Thomist method with scientific, see "Isomorphism of Thomist and Scientific Thought," Collection, pp. 142-51. It illustrates briefly the possibility of such a "direct entry" and the consequent contact possible with modern thought. 15. "Proper object" here means what can be understood per species proprias; it does not mean the end of human intellect.

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