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Converted to kW using a 1e-3 multiplier. Vp = Applied output voltage of step-up transformer in volts rms = cell (B22), calculated value. Converted to kV using a 1e-3 multiplier. The estimated or measured line voltage with the coil running entered in cell (B15) is multiplied by the step-up transformer turns ratio entered in cell (B18) to calculate the applied transformer output voltage (Vp). 31). Power transformers are rated using rms values. A voltmeter, ammeter, and optional wattmeter are used on the input (line) side of the step-up transformer to monitor the coil’s performance.

One Tough Marine: The Autobiography of First Sergeant Donald N. Hamblin, USMC. Ballantine Books: 1993 pp. 179–180. 3. Department of Defense Handbook for Human Engineering Design Guidelines, MIL-HDBK-759C, 31 July 1995, p. 292. 4. Richard Moran. Executioner’s Current. Alfred A. Knopf, NY: 2002. 5. Cheney, Margaret and Uth, Robert. Tesla Master of Lightning. Barnes & Noble Books, NY: 1999. 10 T h e U l t i m a t e Te s l a C o i l D e s i g n a n d C o n s t r u c t i o n G u i d e 6. 7. 8. 9. Seifer, Marc J.

For comparison look at what an arc welder does to metal with just 100 A. 6 kV/1,500 = 11 A. This rms current will probably increase as your HBM resistance lowers with carbonization of tissue. Getting scared yet! 9 MW. 1 kV = 177 kW. The good news is your line supply will probably limit this to some lower value or some overcurrent protection device (circuit breaker or fuse) in your service box will trip. Pay attention in Chapter 7 to the current limiting and circuit protection sections. 3 msec. A good illustration of how dangerous high-voltage 60-Hz currents are can be found in reference (2).

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