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By Michael P. Hornsby-Smith

Michael Hornsby-Smith deals an outline of Catholic social inspiration relatively in fresh a long time. whereas drawing on reliable instructing equivalent to papal encyclicals and the pastoral letters of bishops' meetings, he's taking heavily the necessity for discussion with secular idea. The e-book is geared up in 4 phases. half I outlines the range of household and foreign injustices and seeks to provide a social research of the factors of those injustices. half II deals a theological mirrored image at the features of the dominion of God which Christians are steered to hunt. half III studies Catholic social concept in six major parts: human rights, the family members and bioethical concerns, financial lifestyles, social exclusion, real improvement, and warfare and peace. half IV completes the cycle with a attention of acceptable social motion responses to the injustices which the writer has pointed out and analysed.

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But, as before, the rules appear to operate in favour of the rich and powerful nations. e. the IMF, the World Bank and GATT’. Stiglitz has also pointed out that the WTO negotiations are carried out in secret so that the influence of corporate interests is hidden and environmental concerns are 22 Duchrow 1995: 104. Recent examples have included President Bush’s protectionist measures to defend American steel producers and cottongrowers. 24 The world today is changing rapidly in ways which are difficult to predict.

A fourth contextual reality which Christians in western liberal democracies must face is that in spite of the historical legacy of Christianity, committed Christians today are often minorities in pluralist and secular, even post-Christian, societies. Not only is there a plurality of religious beliefs and practices, with large numbers of adherents to other faiths, such as Islam and Hinduism, as a result of recent migration flows, but increasing numbers of people in western societies deny that they have any religious beliefs at all.

In one sense, though, globalization is not a new phenomenon, for trade in goods and ideas and the migration of peoples goes back at least to Capitalism in a global context 23 biblical times and more recently to the discoveries of the Americas, Africa and Asia by European nations since the fifteenth century. What seems clear, however, is that in the past two decades, globalization has been dramatically accelerated by developments in ICT. One consequence has been that contemporary problems, such as Third World debt, climate change and terrorism, and indeed collaborative responses to them, are increasingly seen as global in their reach.

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