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One other important parameter of SS signals is the processing gain G p , which is often confused with the spreading factor, and which actually has to do with the anti-jam capability of the receiver. The processing gain is defined as the ratio between the chip rate and the information bit rate Gp Rc Rb Tb . 40) Recalling that Rs Rb / log 2 (W ) , it is easy to derive the relationship between spreading factor and processing gain M G p ˜ log 2 W . 41) 32 Chapter 2 A widely used method for the generation of a binary spreading sequence {ck } is based on an m stage Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) used as a binary sequence generator.

The simplified architecture of an I/Q receiver for a DS/SS signal is shown in Fig 2-8. The received signal undergoes I/Q baseband conversion by means of a front end such as the one depicted in Figure 2-3. 49) where w (t ) is Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) representing the complex envelope of the channel noise affecting the modulated signal. 50) 2. Basics of CDMA for Wireless Communications 35 where wI (t ) and wQ (t ) are two baseband signals representing the in phase and quadrature components, respectively, of the AWGN process.

26) 2. Basics of CDMA for Wireless Communications 27 where D (with 0 d D d 1 ) is the roll off factor. The most popular band limited transmission pulse shape is the ( Ts energy) Nyquist’s Square Root Raised Cosine (SRRC), given in the frequency domain by GT f Ts ˜ GNyq f . 28) and its 3 dB bandwidth is B3dB Rs 2 1 . 29) GNyq(f) Ts Nyquist Frequency, 1/2Ts Ts/2 Bandwidth (1+D)/2Ts f Roll-off Region D/Ts Figure 2-4. Spectrum of the Nyquist’s SRRC pulse. In the case of Spread Spectrum (SS) systems the bandwidth occupancy of the transmitted signal is intentionally augmented well beyond the value required for conventional narrowband transmissions, and this can be essentially accomplished in two ways.

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