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By Arthur Byron Cover

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The stable grounds are swarming with angry redcoats. “There’s no time to talk now,” you say. ” “Let’s go out the back door,” says the woman. ” Shots explode downstairs. The four of you reach the back door just as a redcoat kicks it open in your face! You go flying hard against the wall. Your breath is slammed from your lungs. You have a tough time getting it back. Things get hazy and start going around in circles. You’re vaguely aware of the children darting into another room. The redcoat positions his bayonet above your stomach.

A few more, and you might be safe. . A shot rings out. The redcoat’s eyes go wide. He spins around, raises his bayonet again, and promptly falls dead to the floor. A portly rebel, nearing middle age, appears in the doorway, kneels, and inspects the corpse. “Gone to his reward,” he says, not 38 without some sadness. ” the woman exclaims. She runs down the hall, followed by her children, who had been hiding in the linen closet. The rebel picks up the corpse and unceremoniously heaves it out the back door.

If you’re going to find the man who fired the first shot of the revolutionary war, you’ll 42 have to return to Concord. But do you go to the past? Or to the future? It’s imperative that you decide quickly. The cannon fire is thick and fast, and very indiscriminate! Jump back in time. Click here. Jump forward in time. Click here. 44 Y ou kneel beside the inexperienced youth who fired the first shot at Lexington. It’s difficult for you to believe he was the one who touched off a war that would last for seven years.

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