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By Sandor Imre, Laszlo Gyongyosi

Content material:
Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–10):
Chapter 2 creation to Quantum info idea (pages 11–64):
Chapter three The Classical Capacities of Quantum Channels (pages 65–125):
Chapter four The Quantum ability of Quantum Channels (pages 126–155):
Chapter five Geometric Interpretation of Quantum Channels (pages 156–217):
Chapter 6 Additivity of Quantum Channel Capacities (pages 218–268):
Chapter 7 Superactivation of Quantum Channels (pages 269–324):
Chapter eight Quantum defense and privateness (pages 325–361):
Chapter nine Quantum conversation Networks (pages 362–387):
Chapter 10 fresh advancements and destiny instructions (pages 388–412):

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It can also be used to measure entanglement in the quantum states. Since the quantum relative entropy function will have deep relevance in further chapters of our book, here we give just a short introduction to the main properties of this function. 7 Quantum Relative Entropy The quantum relative entropy measures the informational distance between quantum states, and introduces a deeper characterization of the quantum states than the von Neumann entropy. Some possible applications of quantum relative entropy in quantum information processing were introduced by Vedral [Vedral2000].

61) m This postulate can be formalized with density matrices, too. 62) and the ρ′ post-measurement state can be described as ρ′ = M m ρ M m† M m ρ M m† = . , k is unknown) the density matrix of the mixed state after the measurement can be calculated as M (ρ ) = m ∑ M ρM . 64) j =0 Fourth Postulate: Composite Systems If we have several independent subsystems represented by |ψi〉 then the composite system then can be described by means of ⊗ ρi . Similarly, for independent subsystems {ρi} the density matrix of i the composite system is ⊗ ρi .

In this sense, operator G describes the physically admissible or completely positive trace preserving (CPTP) operations. The application of a CPTP operator G on density matrix ρ will result in a matrix G(ρ), which in this case is still a density matrix. Now we can summarize the two most important properties of density matrices: 1. 1). 2. 15). 2 Quantum Measurement Now, let us turn to measurements and their relation to density matrices. 4) defined by measurement operators—that is, projectors {Pj}.

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