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By Hernando Bedoya; et al

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The term side-effect journal entries is used in this discussion to refer to these new entries. This side-effect information is identified by the new Ref Constraint (Yes/No) parameter in the Display Journal Entry Details display. If a record is deleted from a dependent file directly, the change is recorded into the journal with an entry specifying Ref Constraint is No. If the same record is deleted by DB2 UDB for iSeries as the result of enforcing a Delete CASCADE rule, the system records a side-effect journal entry having Ref Constraint set to Yes.

After the parent file is opened and the commitment control cycle is started, an application first deletes the parent record (Entry# - 2309). The DBMS then gains control and enforces the associated delete CASCADE rules, causing all the matching rows in the dependent file (all the products) and eventually all the features related to the products to be deleted. Side-effect journal entries (2311 through 2320) are logged as a result of the constraint enforcement performed by DB2 UDB for iSeries. Note: Until the parent file is closed (entry 2322) in this delete cascade operation, you cannot run the Change Journal (CHGJRN) command on this journal.

26 Advanced Functions and Administration on DB2 Universal Database for iSeries Display All Messages Job . : P23KRZ75D User . : System: Number . . : ITSCID07 SYSTEM03 003869 4 > DSPJOB ODP created. Blocking used for query. All access paths were considered for file ORDERDTL. Additional access path reason codes were used. Arrival sequence access was used for file ORDERDTL. ODP created. ODP deleted. 1 rows updated in ORDERDTL in ORDENTL. More... Press Enter to continue. F3=Exit F5=Refresh F12=Cancel F17=Top F18=Bottom Figure 3-1 SQL optimizer uses constraint access paths The second-level text for the message (shown in bold) is shown in Figure 3-2.

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