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Naylor, Nucl. Insrr. Merh. 63, 61 (1968). 28 This accelerator was developed by the National Electrostatics Corporation and is designed as a 25 MV accelerator. 10 1. 4. New electrostatic accelerator facility under construction, 1979. 5-MV folded tandem electrostatic accelerator resides inside the huge tower adjacent to the Oak Ridge lsochronous Cyclotron Laboratory. This accelerator has recently produced the largestever laboratory-controlled DC voltage of 32 MV (reprinted courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

The dashed curve represents the energy per nucleon of the Coulomb barrier height for the system of incident ion plus noaPb. From a comparison of the two curves we see that the ion beam energy can exceed the Coulomb barrier height of A 5 95 in A + z08Pbcollisions. For A > 95 the Coulomb barrier can still be reached for lighter mass targets. For example, for a projectile near A 235, the Coulomb barrier can be reached for targets up to approximately mass 100. 3. Cyclotrons. All accelerators use the interaction between an external electric field and a charged particle to produce the acceleration.

R o y . Soc. (London) A 114, 341 (1927). P. Kapitza, Proc. R o y . Soc. (London) A 106, 602 (1924). 52 P. M . S. Blackett, Proc. R o y . Soc. ( L o n d o n ) A 135, 132 (1932). H . A . Bethe, A n n . Phys. 5, 325 (1930);Z. Phys. 76, 293 (1932). 54 H. J . Bhadha, Proc. R o y . Soc. (London) A 164, 257 (1938). 55 C . Moller, A n n . Phys. 14, 531 (1932). 56 F. Bloch, Ann. Phys. 16, 285 (1933); 2. Phys. 81, 363 (1933). 57 N . F. Mott, Proc. R o y . Soc. (London)A 124,425 (1929);A 135,429 f 1932):Proc.

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