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An emf is induced in a coil as a result of (1) a coil cutting through a magnetic field, or (2) a magnetic field cutting through a coil. As long as there is relative motion between a conductor and a magnetic field, a voltage will be induced in the conductor. That part of a generator that produces the magnetic field is called the field. That part in which the voltage is induced is called the armature. For relative motion to take place between the conductor and the magnetic field, all generators must have two mechanical parts — a rotor and a stator.

To counter act armature reaction. A13. A force which causes opposition to applied turning force. A14. Resistance in the armature coils, which increases with temperature. A15. By laminating the core material. A16. Drum-type armatures are more efficient, because flux lines are cut by both sides of each coil. A17. Higher load currents are possible. A18. Series-wound, shunt-wound, and compound-wound. A19. Output voltage varies as the load varies. A20. Voltage regulation. A21. Parallel operation. A22.

As you can see, by proportioning the effects of the two fields (series and shunt), a compound-wound generator provides a constant output voltage under varying load conditions. Actual curves are seldom, if ever, as perfect as shown. —Voltage output characteristics of the series-, shunt-, and compound-wound dc generators. 1-18 Q18. What are the three classifications of dc generators? Q19. What is the main disadvantage of series generators? GENERATOR CONSTRUCTION Figure 1-19, views A through E, shows the component parts of dc generators.

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