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By Bob Flaws

This article is the fruit of in depth study into the chinese language scientific literature on pediatrics and the reaction to years of practitioner requests for a very good, accomplished TCM pediatric textbook. It covers over forty five universal pediatric complains, giving differential prognosis, disorder mechanisms, natural remedy, acumoxa remedy the place applicable, and Bob's reviews approximately every one. those illnesses are provided within the chronological order that and so they look & contain every thing from colic and cradle cap to mumps and pediatric hyperactivity. There also are particular sections on pediatric analysis and treating kids with chinese language natural medications, immunizations, and nutritional treatment.

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In addition, rice is warm in temperature and thus benefits the baby’s digestion, or in Chinese parlance their spleen and stomach yang. Rice soup is made by putting rice and water in either a crockpot or slow cooker at a ratio of 1 part rice to 6 parts water. This should then be cooked at a low heat for several hours or overnight. At the end of this time, what should be left is a very dilute rice soup, most of the rice starch having dissolved in the process of cooking. If this soup comes out too thick, one can simply add some more hot water to dilute it.

And please be sure, I am not saying that we should never allow our little charges to eat a piece of candy, cake, or ice cream. This is not a perfect world and I am not counseling perfection in this regard. Of course we should allow our children to eat sweets from time to time. However, as their guardians, it is up to us to monitor the 39 40 A HANDBOOK OF TCM PEDIATRICS amount and to control this if it becomes excessive to the point of setting disease mechanisms in process. As stated above, one can tell if the child’s diet is within reasonable limits or not by their stools.

For instance, if there is a diaper rash, the practitioner will want to see that rash to determine what color red it is, how extensive it is, whether it is wet or dry, and whether the skin is broken or intact. Likewise, any other skin rash would be inspected in the same way. If a rash was very red, then this suggests pathological heat. If its reddish purple, then the TCM practitioner may be thinking about TCM concepts such as toxins and/or blood stasis. If the rash is wet and weeping, this suggests pathologic dampness, while if there is pus production, this also suggests toxins.

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