Download e-book for iPad: 24 Deadly Sins of Software Security: Programming Flaws and by Michael Howard, John Viega, David LeBlanc

By Michael Howard, John Viega, David LeBlanc

"What makes this publication so vital is that it displays the stories of 2 of the industry's such a lot skilled palms at getting real-world engineers to appreciate simply what they're being requested for whilst they're requested to put in writing safe code. The ebook displays Michael Howard's and David LeBlanc's event within the trenches operating with builders years after code used to be lengthy considering the fact that shipped, informing them of problems." --From the Foreword through Dan Kaminsky, Director of Penetration trying out, IOActive

Eradicate the main infamous Insecure Designs and Coding Vulnerabilities

Fully up-to-date to hide the most recent safeguard matters, 24 lethal Sins of software program Security finds the most typical layout and coding blunders and explains the right way to repair each one one-or larger but, keep away from them from the beginning. Michael Howard and David LeBlanc, who train Microsoft staff and the area the right way to safe code, have partnered back with John Viega, who exposed the unique 19 lethal programming sins. they've got thoroughly revised the publication to handle the newest vulnerabilities and feature additional 5 brand-new sins. This sensible advisor covers all structures, languages, and kinds of purposes. get rid of those protection flaws out of your code:
* SQL injection
* internet server- and client-related vulnerabilities
* Use of magic URLs, predictable cookies, and hidden shape fields
* Buffer overruns
* structure string problems
* Integer overflows
* C++ catastrophes
* Insecure exception handling
* Command injection
* Failure to deal with errors
* details leakage
* Race conditions
* bad usability
* no longer updating easily
* Executing code with an excessive amount of privilege
* Failure to guard saved data
* Insecure cellular code
* Use of susceptible password-based systems
* vulnerable random numbers
* utilizing cryptography incorrectly
* Failing to guard community traffic
* unsuitable use of PKI
* Trusting community identify resolution

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The year 2003 saw the Summer of Worms—put simply, the malicious acts of a few made the entire business world’s IT resources completely unreliable over a three-month period. J. Maxx and the credit card industry billions. And 2008 saw attack rates go through the stratosphere, with Verizon Business reporting more personal financial records compromised in 2008 than in the years 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 combined. People still aren’t dying. “Correctness” is not getting its visibility from bodies in the street.

The following code checks if the incoming parameter is made up only of four digits. Note the parameter size has been set to a much smaller size, making it harder to add other input. doQuery(@id smallint) Microsoft SQL Server 2005 adds POSIX-compliant regular expressions, as does Oracle 10g and later. Regular expression solutions are also available for DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. MySQL supports regular expressions through the REGEXP clause. ” 23 24 24 Deadly Sins of Software Security Use QUOTENAME and REPLACE Another important defense when building SQL statements from within stored procedures is to use the QUOTENAME or REPLACE functions in SQL Server.

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